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A story that started far away.

We have been opticians since 1956. From father to son, the difference between us and others is exactly that. Behind Ottica Gold there is a company but first and foremost a family. You will feel at home with us and our mission is to make you 100% satisfied.

A story that started far away.

We are opticians, optometrists and collaborate with the best ophthalmologists in Italy, we work with the world's best precision optical lenses (Zeiss, Hoya and Essilor) and with all the world's leading spectacle manufacturers.

Our trademark? Professionalism. We know our work and study every day to improve, give us a chance, you will be satisfied.

A story that started far away.
A story that started far away.

“Our mission goes beyond the sale of sunglasses and eyeglasses: we look after your eyes and do so daily with passion and dedication.”

Silvio Crisari - Manuela Ceccarelli - Gianluca Ferraro - Federico Zanca

Our strengths


High-quality glasses with premium materials.


Continuous innovation to offer state-of-the-art solutions.

Customer care

Customer service always helpful and reliable.


Competitive prices for the best quality available.

Ottica Gold
Ottica Gold
Ottica Gold